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south east london doula

Hi ! My name is Tamar and I am a London based Birth Doula and a Reflexologist .My passion for supporting others on their path towards wellness began due to my own complicated and at times painful journey towards conception and motherhood. I was already a trained massage therapist when I discovered that health issues were making it difficult for me to conceive and maintain a pregnancy. After a long and difficult process I was introduced to Reflexology and was amazed that it helped me to become pregnant so very quickly. It seemed like a miracle at the time and the experience inspired me to go on to train to become a reflexologist, not only to help those with general health ailments, but in particular to help women who had been in my position of struggling to conceive. After having my two kids i have decided to train as a birth Doula and trained with Kicki hansard at the Birth Bliss Academy .

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“Tamar was an excellent support before, during and after birth. Even though the birth did not go as I imagined, having someone there who knew you and your wishes was priceless. She remained calm during the whole time and made sure my birth preferences were honoured as much as circumstances allowed.”

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