“Tamar was our doula for the birth of our first child and she honestly made our experience so positive and amazing! Her calming energy makes you feel safe and grounded, she is very Knowledgeable and educated us lots on all things birth choices so that we were informed prior to the birth. We had great prenatal classes with her and she offered invaluable support postnatally, checking in on us and baby and helping us with any questions we had. As well as bringing us delicious food!! My husband and i walked into the birth and beyond feeling confident and supported and we are so thankful for her wisdom throughout.”

“Choosing a doula isn’t easy as it has to be a person you can trust and feel entirely comfortable with. This is exactly what I felt with Tamar.
She was supportive, caring and informative during all stages of my pregnancy and birth.
At labour, she was a calming and reassuring voice, supporting me and my husband as a bridge to the nursing team. She advocated for my needs, held my hand as strongly as I needed and genuinely cared for me.
Tamar created a positive and relaxed atmosphere and lifted my motivation when I needed the most.
If you’re considering taking a doula then I would definitely recommend Tamar.”

“Tamar is an old soul – she knew instinctively what to say and when to say it – her calm and methodical-yet-caring approach was just what was needed in moments of anxiety or indecision. She helped me order my thoughts and her support was the permission I needed to push for the kind of birth I really wanted (and got in the end) with health professionals. Her kindness and sense of humour went a long way in these moments too! And to top it all off, her glorious reflexology skills! Heaven !!”

“Tamar was a rock.She continued to encouraged me troughout my labour and she created a calming enviroment with massage, oils and lighting. We had a birthing pool which she kept warm and she was totally in tune with what i needed and was there to help me throughout the whole time.she was just what i needed and connected so well with my husband.”

“Tamar helped me breath right and comforted me during contractions.she walked with me to make the contraction more often and gave me reflexology to help me relax and that worked like magic as i had my baby 4 hours later .she really supported me and i am so glad i chose her .”

“Tamar was an excellent support before, during and after birth. Even though the birth did not go as I imagined, having someone there who knew you and your wishes was priceless. She remained calm during the whole time and made sure my birth preferences were honoured
as much as circumstances allowed.”

“Tamar helped me with positive encouragement and physical support that was sensitive not intrusive, poured water on my back, offered me drinks. She held me as I pushed my baby out.”

“I was having regular reflexology with Tamar during this period. We talked a lot about any worries and concerns I was having about the pregnancy, the birth and motherhood. Sometimes she prompted me with questions about how I was feeling and listened without judgement. Offering advice but never pushing an opinion on to me. What I liked about Tamar was she always made it easy and comfortable there was no pressure.”

“I saw Tamar for Reflexology from very early on in my pregnancy. It helped hugely with managing my anxieties about having a baby and making sure I was looking after myself properly. I would leave every session feeling totally relaxed and would definitely recommend Tamar to any expectant mums or women hoping to have a baby. Thank you!”

“Tamar has wonderful healing hands and an intuitive touch. A session with her feels relaxing and re-energising. I highly recommend her sessions for your health and wellbeing.”

“Tamar is a five star lady with five hands! I’d never heard of reflexology until Tamar told me to give it a try as I suffer from lupus and have severe joint and muscle pains. In the weeks I had reflexology I noticed a massive difference, I wasn’t feeling the usual wrist pains and I felt in general good health, it started to make me question why I take the tablets when this alternative method was so good. I would recommend reflexology to anyone and everyone. Even if it’s just for relaxation it is well worth it.”

“Tamar has a really comforting energy and way about her. I was nervous as it was my first visit to a reflexologist but she really put me at ease as we talked through my symptoms before the treatment. I came out of that first session feeling so relaxed and didn’t hesitate to book her again right away.”

“I was struggling to fall pregnant and after a year of trying a close friend who had her own struggles recommended I visit Tamar for reflexology. I was a total disbeliever… you cant get me pregnant by touching my feet!!! After five sessions I was pregnant! Even before I tested it was like Tamar knew. After a year of struggling to fall pregnant! Unfortunately, due to medical issues that pregnancy didn’t make it. I carried on my treatments with Tamar and honestly its better than any therapy I have ever had and I have tried everything. Reflexology completely brings my stress levels down, makes my body ovulate without medication and just calms me down and helps me to relax. Although, I’m still not a parent I have had three pregnancies since starting reflexology regularly and I honestly believe I wouldn’t of achieved these without Tamar and her magic hands. I can’t recommend her enough. The most wonderful reflexologist ever. As soon as her hands touch my feet I feel the stress and brain fog leave me. Thank you for everything Tamar. I couldn’t have gotten this far on my journey without you and just know you will get me to the end ❤”

“I saw Tamar regularly with my first pregnancy and her sessions helped with relaxation and general anxieties of new motherhood. I’m now seeing her again for my second pregnancy and she is working wonders on various specific issues such as sciatic pain and joint stiffness plus its an incredible hour of taking my mind off that rat race! I cant’t recommend Tamar enough. She’s brilliant! “

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